Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Color Club Nail Polish

Nothing makes me happier than a one coat and done polish. I've had some Color Club nail polish for months now, and I decided today to share with the world how I feel about it: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. It is my go-to for a quick polish and head out the door. I see no reason to do a second coat, ever. The Molten Steel color (blue) is truly frickin' amazing.

I'm fond of the color blue as it is, but this is probably my absolute favorite bottle of polish in my collection. I will weep for days when it runs out. I need more colors from this brand. Give it a try!

Monday, April 14, 2014

I got something new! - OPI Liquid Sand

I got something new, and I'm gonna talk about it. I have one of the 6 colors in the OPI Bond Girls Collection. All 6 of these polishes are part of the Liquid Sand formula by OPI. You can buy them as a collection or you can buy them individually by clicking here. Individually these are $9 on Drugstore.com. May as well get the whole collection, tho, as I am craving the the remaining polishes now. I love the texture and the polish glides on beautifully and flawlessly. I tried the Honey Ryder color and it is a big hit for me.

I'm more fond of silver as opposed to gold, but I love this color.

It looks beautiful on nails and has a lasting finish. I do a lot of housework, dishes included, and it held up better than your average polish. That is a huge plus for me. This stuff really is liquid gold.