Monday, April 14, 2014

I got something new! - OPI Liquid Sand

I got something new, and I'm gonna talk about it. I have one of the 6 colors in the OPI Bond Girls Collection. All 6 of these polishes are part of the Liquid Sand formula by OPI. You can buy them as a collection or you can buy them individually by clicking here. Individually these are $9 on May as well get the whole collection, tho, as I am craving the the remaining polishes now. I love the texture and the polish glides on beautifully and flawlessly. I tried the Honey Ryder color and it is a big hit for me.

I'm more fond of silver as opposed to gold, but I love this color.

It looks beautiful on nails and has a lasting finish. I do a lot of housework, dishes included, and it held up better than your average polish. That is a huge plus for me. This stuff really is liquid gold.

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  1. Hi Lindsay, thanks so much for the follow to my blog by Bloglovin and entering my giveaway! I will follow back too. I love OPI nail polish too!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle