Monday, June 9, 2014

I got something new!: WEN Hair Care + Rimmel 60 Seconds

As previously stated, I just got WEN Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner, Balm, and Styling Cream.

The conditioner... I do like how my hair feels after using it, although the directions state to use half the bottle on your hair at once. I did this the first time I used it, but cut that to about half from then on. It still makes my hair feel soft using less. As long as it covers my hair, which is long, that's all that matters I think. So yes, it makes my hair softer. If you value that, then it's worth it. I won't be purchasing a bottle anytime soon. I'll use mayo instead. This smells A LOT better, so that's definitely a plus. I love mint hair products.

The Styling Cream I like also. It makes my hair feel good.

BUT...the Texture Balm. It is horrendous. I wanted to wash my hair again. Maybe this is an evil plan to use the other half of the conditioner immediately? It left super grease and I didn't use very much of it.
So, there's your honest opinion of these WEN Hair Care items. Not worth it in my opinion.

NEXT... Rimmel 60 Second Polish. I have color #210, Mintilicious. I suppose I'm having a minty day on here. This color is fabulous and I think the polish is awesome. I got it for .48 by using coupons so it was definitely worth it.

It really does dry fast and lasts better than most polishes found at WalMart.

There you have it. Thanks for reading! More to come.

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